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How to Spot the Signs at your Closing

Beware of Mortgage Fraud
Switching information at the last moment is a ploy of those involved in mortgage fraud. It’s also a way to discern foul play in your home or investment property transaction.
Scrutinize Documents
Even if draft materials were in order, information can change intentionally or due to typos. Match up exact names, numbers, interest rates and other key items to ensure that you are getting the loan you were promised.
Get Professional Counsel
A real estate attorney or an accountant can review your paperwork and prevent you from making an irreversible mistake. A professionally trained notary public should act as the last set of eyes before you give the nod with your signature.
If you have been a victim of mortgage fraud, complete our short questionnaire for a list of qualified real estate attorneys in your area.

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WhoCanISue.comReal Estate / MortgageMortgage Fraud

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