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Mortgage Fraud General Information

Mortgage fraud is all over the news today and there are several mortgage fraud lawsuits on the books. The most common mortgage frauds that are being seen all across the country include predatory lending, wrongful foreclosures, broker non-disclosure, air loans, silent seconds, straw buyer, flipping, default scheme, and equity skimming. All of these have hurt homeowners and those seeking to purchase a new home.
You may be able to file a mortgage fraud lawsuit and hire real estate attorneys if you have been a victim to any of these practices. Brokers or banks have victimized several homeowners in several different ways such as only allowing a loan for a home that costs over what they can afford to pay. The individuals that wanted to own a home purchased a home out of their income bracket and were suffering the entire time to pay their mortgage payment, then the balloon payment hit or the interest rate increased, so on, and so forth. When this occurred, many people lost their homes due to foreclosure.
Homeowner fraud is growing but you can file mortgage litigation with the help of professional real estate attorney. In order to learn if your rights were compromised or were ignored you need to talk with an attorney
The problem with filing a mortgage fraud lawsuit on your own is understanding the laws in your state regarding mortgage litigation. The majority of times, if you have a qualified attorney, the case will not go to court, but you will be able to settle out of court and recover some of the compensation you deserve. According to the type of mortgage fraud, there are various mortgage litigations that should be filed whether it is a criminal charge or not.

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